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Immediate supervisor : Director of Pedagogical Services  

Giant Steps School services approximately 90 students, aged 4 to 21 years old, with an autism spectrum  disorder (ASD). We have a preschool (4 and 5 years old), elementary and high school educational  program. Students follow a program according to their needs. Our approach is highly specialized,  intensive, and interdisciplinary. We offer instruction in both French and English. Founded in 1980,  Giant Steps School is a private school in the public interest and subsidized by the Ministry of  Education. 

Permanent job / Full time : 35 hours / week – 5 days – English Class / Students 11-14 years old 


The Teacher prepares and teaches his lessons by considering the overall developmental level of the  students in his/her class. The teacher collaborates with various school stakeholders to support student-learning in a variety of contexts. The teacher also has a supervisory role for his/her classroom team. 


Pedagogical activities 

• Develops, reviews and updates, in consultation with various stakeholders, the intervention  plan (IPP) and the individualized educational program (IEP) for each student; • Prepares curriculum, classroom routines, relevant and appropriate schedules considering the overall developmental level of the class as well as student assessment, necessary follow-ups and the preparation of teaching materials;  

• Uses materials appropriate to the needs of the group, as well as the individual  needs of the students; 

• Evaluates the performance of the course program and adjusts accordingly; • Advises, consults, accompanies and communicates with the family on all matters related to the  development and application of academic programs at school and at home; 

• Participates in various, curriculum night meetings, classroom management meetings,  admissions committee meetings, clinical and pedagogical meetings; 

• Participates in the continuous improvement of educational programs in collaboration with  the Director of Pedagogical Services; 

• Provides a supportive environment for the development of healthy lifestyles and skills that  positively influence the health and well-being of the students; 

• Ensures the supervision and safety of students at all times and provides support for toilets  and personal hygiene when necessary; 

• Keeps the classroom well organized and clean;  

Administrative tasks 

• Ensures compliance of government documents that are required (report cards, students, class  schedule, attendance records, IP, IPP)  

• Keeps student records, assessments, interventions, and progress reports updated; 

• Completes report cards on specific dates;

Health and Safety 

● Documents all incidents and/or accidents experienced by a student or an employee that have  occurred in their presence and collaborates with the Code White Team to re-establish order  and to complete the required paperwork; 

● Respects and applies the philosophy and intervention techniques taught by CPI (which can  help restore calmness and re-establish order); 

● Participates in student supervision during lunch, recess, in play areas inside and outside of the  school, and during outings (pool, skating, etc.). 


• Supervises and trains the class team in all pedagogical activities provided for the curriculum (intervention techniques, strategies, tools to be used, learning activities, etc.) by ensuring  consistency and continuity in the interventions with the students; 

• Depending on the activities organized, the teacher coordinates the class’s materials required for activities and coordinates their lunch period to ensure all activities; 

• Conducts performance evaluations of employees under his/her charge in an objective manner; • Any other related duties.  


• Bachelor in Education or Special Needs Education degree; 

• Experience at the elementary or high school level; 

• Interest in autism ! 

• Very good interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues and supervisors; • Sense of responsibility required;  

• Sense of initiative and autonomy to succeed in encouraging students to have an interest in their  intellectual development; 

• Ability to work in a team environment; 

• Ability to write concise and thorough reports; 

• Spoken and written English (bilingual an asset !)  Salary Scale : 0310 – ENSEIGNANT – Conseil du trésor

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