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Manager: Director General 

Giant Steps School services approximately 90 students, aged 4 to 21 years old, with an autism spectrum  disorder (ASD). We have a preschool (4 and 5 years old), elementary and high school educational  program. Students follow a program according to their needs. Our approach is highly specialized,  intensive, and interdisciplinary. We offer instruction in both French and English. Founded in 1980,  Giant Steps School is a private school in the public interest and subsidized by the Ministry of  Education. 

Schedule : 35 hours / 5 days a week 

First day: August 30th, 2021 



• Assess our students with ASD; 

• Assess the student and his family’s situation in all areas; 

• Analyses and interprets assessments and make recommendations; 

• Observes students in their school environment; 

• Identify triggers for behaviours; 

• Identify avenues for intervention; 

• Uses student’s strengths to develop their full potential; 

• Uses events and information gathered to adapt intervention plans. 


• Intervenes with our students regarding physical, emotional, intellectual, social and  behavioural problems; 

• Applies psycho-educational interventions and approaches (i.e. Individual interviews,  psychometric tests, etc.) 

• Designs a framework program for clinical assessment, referral and treatment; • Uses prevention, educations and rehabilitation techniques that promote better social  integration and individual development; 

• Practices clinical interventions with students; 

• Determines a preventive or rehabilitative intervention plan for students and their families; • Establishes an intervention plan with the behaviours team; 

• Intervenes in student crises situations with the family and the staff; 

• Develops tools for our students;

• Intervenes in the psychosocial rehabilitation of our students 

• Follow-up on the student’s files. 

Team work 

• Inform staff of technic used; 

• Support our student’s family when needed; 

• Advise our employees. 


• University degree in psychoeducation or hold a comparative evaluation of studies completed  outside Quebec issued by the Ministry; 

• Member of l‘ordre des psychoéducateurs du Québec; 

• Experience with autism; 

• Excellent stress and emotional management; 

• Excellent interpersonal skills; 

• Bilingualism English and French is an asset! 

• CPI training is an asset !  

Salary Scale : Le conseil du Trésor, and based on your experience 

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