The Giant Steps Resource and Training Centre is dedicated to supporting the autism community.

Open to all by appointment and offering a wide range of resources for autism related issues, the Centre has an extensive collection of reference books and adapted materials that can be borrowed for home or school use.

A leader in the community, the Centre also provides training and consultation services, workshops and conferences. The Centre actively pursues opportunities to support autistic individuals, to share knowledge and expertise with the larger community, and ultimately to contribute in creating more autism-inclusive communities.

Contact us to ask about any of our services:

  • Lending / Reference Library
  • Training Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Conferences/Workshops
  • Community Outreach & Partnerships
  • Work placements (College and University)
  • Inclusive Cities Initiatives

We can...

  • offer training and capacity-building across sectors;
  • provide consultation services for families and professionals;
  • partner on inclusive-cities initiatives and raise awareness and understanding in all sectors of society;
  • collaborate with autistic individuals as advisors and trainers;
  • provide support for adapted sport, leisure and recreation activities;
  • train future autism professionals;
  • develop community outreach and support services.

We are...

  • providing education, resources and services supporting the needs of autistic individuals throughout their lives;
  • increasing awareness and acceptance of autism to help create more inclusive communities;
  • encouraging and helping autistic people to participate meaningfully in every sector of society.

Training Services

The Centre has developed many online autism resources to support professionals, autistic individuals and their families, such as:

  • Online program for first responders that provides autism awareness training;
  • Online program for school bus drivers;
  • Online training manual for arenas that offer adapted skating and hockey programs;
  • Support material for museum and theatre staff.

The Centre offers customized workshops on a variety of autism related topics to many groups such as daycares, schools, summer camp programs, and community centres.

Contact us for more information and check our website regularly for upcoming organized trainings and workshops.

Consultation Services

The Centre offers consultation services for autistic individuals, their families and professionals needing support. We have a comprehensive team of autism experts to support you.

Consultation Services

The Centre raises awareness and creates opportunities in many aspects of community life, across all sectors of society, such as government policy, emergency personnel training, travel and tourism, public transit, urban planning, the arts, housing, business and employment.

Some examples of initiatives include providing all new SPVM recruits with autism training; partnering with the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport to offer the Premium Kids program, sensitizing families and autistic individuals to the airport and to flying; working with performing arts organizations to provide relaxed (autism friendly) performances; and many more.

For more information

Contact the Resource and Training Centre Assistant Director, Marla Cable, by email or by phone at 514-935-1911