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Giant Steps School
4400 rue Molson                                                          Montreal, QC, H1Y 0A3

Phone: 514-935-1911

Fax: (514) 935-9768


Marie-Michèle Lavallée Teacher - FRA1
Mathilda Bouali Teacher - FRA2

Marie-Ève Bouchard

Megan Anton

Teacher - FRA3

Teacher - FRA4

Melissa Marcone Teacher - ENG1
Belinda Solomon Teacher - ENG2
Amanda Arcuri Teacher - ENG3
Cal Tait Teacher - ENG4

May Khalife

Teacher - ENG5

Eliana Tapias

Paprhi Sarkar

Jean-Charles Grellier

Teacher - ENG6

Teacher - ENG7

Teacher - Physical Education

Therapists / Specialists
Éric Beaupré Speech and Language Pathologist
Eva-Maria Botos Speech Therapist
Cécile Cerdan Speech Therapist
Domenica Facchinello Occupational Therapist
Salomé Deslauriers-Brouillard Occupational Therapist
Dorothy Notkin Occupational Therapist
Ashley Budd Coordination of preparation for employment
Jenny Haines Social Skills Specialist
Ross White Computer Specialist

Eleanor Hart

Brooke Shelford

Music Therapist

Art Therapist

Tania D'Alesio Director General
Thomas Henderson Director of Innovation and Special Projects
Emily Curtis Assistant Director - Pedagogical Services
Tracy Pennimpede Director (Foundation)
Marla Cable Resource and Training Centre Assistant Director
Vanessa Clarke Assistant Director - Behavioural Support Lead 
Josh Sutherland  Receptionist
Luis Silva Finance Director

Jean-François Guignard

Priya Kapur

Accounting Technician

Admin Assistant to the Director General

Andre Pereira Director of Marketing and Communications