About the School

Founded in 1980, Giant Steps School is a private school recognized and subsidized in the public interest by the ministère de l'Éducation.

The school welcomes autistic students, aged 4 to 21, into our preschool (4 & 5 years old), primary and secondary school programs. Students follow ministry curriculum according to their specific needs. Our approach is highly individualized, intensive, interdisciplinary and holistic.

Educational services are offered in French and in English.


Our Mission

To offer high-quality innovative educational and therapeutic services to our students and to support the Quebec autism community.

Our vision

To be a leader and hub for the development and provision of services supporting the education and success of autistic individuals.


Our Values

Giant Steps affirms the importance and necessity of providing equitable and appropriate opportunities for all people to learn and be successful. In order to always do our utmost to contribute to creating learning environments of mutual respect where diversity and strengths are nurtured and differences are respected, the following values will guide us:

Diversity & Inclusion: We value diversity and unique contributions and foster a trusting, open and inclusive environment where each person is treated with respect. The inclusion of diverse learners promotes excellence in education and allows learners to achieve desired outcomes. We recognize that differences and diversity contribute to the richness of group learning environments.

Community: Community is built and sustained by a climate of equity, fairness, safety and trust and the recognition of, and response to, the individual needs of its members. We are committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure excellence in the area of autism and education. We believe that learning communities are strengthened by the mutual respect of the unique humanness and contributions of its members.

Awareness: We are dedicated to increasing awareness of autism in the community by providing targeted educational programs and advocating for the needs of individuals on the spectrum. Our school contributes to the discovery and development of innovative educational and therapeutic services that support learning in autism via our transdisciplinary team of experts and through our research partnerships.

Achievement: Access to facilities, services, resources, instruction, educational materials and the technology and information needed to succeed in and out of the classroom is foundational to building equitable and successful learning communities. By fostering strengths and supporting needs, we are committed to supporting the social and academic achievement of all of our students.

Board of Directors

The Giant Steps Board of Directors is responsible for establishing strategic directions for the School, while working alongside the Director General who is responsible for realizing this vision.

Made up of a dedicated group of volunteers, the Board holds regular meetings throughout the school year and special meetings as required.

2023/2024 Board Members

  • Steven Schneidman
  • Nick Katalifos
  • Matthew McCarney


  • Jennifer Bell
  • Éric Berarducci
  • Luc Gravel Beaulieu
  • Charles Des Groseillers
  • Me Isabelle Durand
  • Dr. Emmett Francoeur
  • Xavier Hervé
  • Sophie Prégent
  • Claudia Taboada
  • Régis Worms

Annual Report