About Us

The Giant Steps Foundation was founded in order to offer financial support to the Giant Steps School.

The school boasts a large team of professionals specialized in autism and the widest variety of therapeutic services under one roof: speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, play and social skills, computers and adapted technology, essential life skills and behaviour management.

Due to the individualized academic and inclusion programs offered, the school requires significant financial resources.  To ensure the continuity and quality of services, the Giant Steps School relies heavily on the Foundation to raise over $1,000,000 per year for the school.

To achieve this, the Foundation organizes and coordinates multiple fundraising initiatives: an annual campaign, an annual fundraising auction, and a major gifts program.  The Giant Steps Foundation also participates in several fundraising opportunities such as the Scotia Bank 21K & 5K Charity Challenge. The Foundation is fortunate to count on a variety of annual gifts raised through “Third Party’ events, In Memoriam and In Honour gifts and gifts in kind and in shares


Board of Directors

The Giant Steps Foundation is governed by an exceptional Board of Directors made up of volunteer members who bring a wide range of expertise to the foundation and guide its strategic direction.

2017/2018 Board Members

Pierre Simard


Jean de Mailly Nesle


Henriette Angers


Johanna Choremis


Andrée Dallaire


Richard Dufresne


Nick Katalifos


André Pagé


Tony Loffreda


Mr. Jacques Chartrand

Governors circle

Mr. Doug Mitchell

Governors circle